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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Tip To Remember!

This is something important everyone should keep in mind.

Never Take Friendship Personal!

Ok, So basically the title of this post speaks for itself. But it is really important. If you are friends with a guy, and no matter what the circumstances are, never get your heart involved unless you are going out with him. Which means, unless you both are committed(going out), doing allow yourself to get hurt! If there is no commitment involved, then don't allow yourself to get emotionally involved. I've heard story upon story of girls getting hurt because the guy they were friends with(and they had a crush on) is dating another girl.

The Painful truth is, Guys will date girls even if you are really close friends with him! So, basically if i can get one point across on here it would mean,

"Don't get your heart involved unless you are for sure going out!"

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